Offering Recreational and Competitive Programs from beginner onward, the CBS Silhouettes Synchro Club provides a fun and supportive team-based environment for girls to maximize their individual potential. All programs are grounded in the philosophy of long-term athlete development. Our club strives to foster the values of Fair Play, Leadership and Integrity in our athletes, coaches and volunteers.

Recreational Program

Head Coach: Jessica Thorne

The Recreational Team meets once per week, for 1.5 hours. Swimmers have fun while learning the basics of synchronized swimming athletic development such as sculling skills, synchro figure positions, and a choreographed routine that is performed at the annual year-end Water Show.  

Competitive Program

Head Coaches: Meghan Power & Lori Chaytor

This program consists of 4 age categories where skills become increasingly more challenging as swimmer move up. The Competitive Program Teams meet between 5 - 10 hours per week, depending on the age level. Swimmers develop their figures skills, strength and flexibility, and practice a team routine that will be performed in competitions. The Competitive Teams have the opportunity to compete within the province as well as different locations across Canada.