What is Synchronized Swimming?

Synchronized swimming is an Olympic sport. It is a hybrid of swimming, gymnastics and dance. It consists of a solo, a duet or a team performing a synchronized routine of elaborate and dramatic moves in the water, choreographed to music. This style of swimming builds self-discipline, endurance, strength, flexibility, grace, and artistry.

Synchronized swimmers perform their routines to music. They are able to hear the music thanks to specialized underwater speakers which send sound through the pool water.

Competition Areas & Marks

These positions are performed individually, without music,
 and are adjudicated by a panel of judges, who score each figure from 1 - 10 (10 being the best).  Figures are specific elements of a synchronized swimming routine.  Judges look for control, slow or fast speed (depending on the figure), and overall skill.  


- One swimmer performs a routine 
synchronized to music.
- Two swimmers perform.
Team - 4-8 swimmers perform.

Routines are performed in front of 2 panels of judges, who assess based on technical skill, artistic impression, and difficulty.

Swimmers are never allowed to touch the bottom 
or sides of the pool.